Tips to Keep Your Kids Wardrobe Organised

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Tips to Keep Your Kids Wardrobe Organised

Lots of families struggle with keeping their wardrobe, well, relatively tidy. We’re not talking about Instagram influencer-level tidy, just, you know, enough that you can dress your kid without a headache.

So we did the research for you. Here’s three easy tips to keeping your kids' wardrobe tidy.


Before you start tidying, free up your kids’ wardrobe by getting rid of stuff that your kids no longer use. This includes clothing, toys or just random stuff they’ve received as gifts but secretly hated.

Remember Marie Kondo’s decluttering technique? You don’t have to talk to each item (although personally I find it soothing), but try her process of filtering out items by asking if they “spark joy” to you/your kid.

Since we’re talking about wardrobe here, the biggest crook of wardrobe mess is usually clothes that no longer fit your kids. They try wearing it once, and after finding out it’s too small, they just chuck/hide them in a random location in the wardrobe.

Some items may spark joy (like that dress they wore to a close relative’s wedding or your partner’s birthday party), but your kids will never shrink back to that size. So maybe, it’s time to let go and let them make some other kid happy? Unless you want to turn them into keepsakes, you could always send those gently-used to us via the Junico Kids SwapUp program. It’s a free cleanout service, so you can turn the old mess into instant credit and buy clothes that actually fit!

For babies: Keep up with baby growth

Did you know that babies grow up to 7 sizes in their first two years?? This is why we need all those different zeroes in the size, even though many new parents find it confusing…

To make things easier, group your baby clothes by size so you know when your baby has passed a certain size. For example, if one day that cute size 000 romper does not fit your baby anymore, move it from your “active” size 000 basket to the “outgrown” basket and check if you have enough items in your size 00 basket moving forward. If not, you know where to find them *wink*

For toddlers: Manage their access

Luckily, we tend to be taller than our kids (at least until they hit that insane puberty growth). Depending on your child’s height, organise things that you want them to access so that they’re within your child’s reach, and put stuff that only you should access above their head. We’re talking about blankets that your child should not access on a daily basis, if only they understand how tiring doing laundry is...

To make your adult wardrobe kid-friendly, you could use an adjustable tension rod commonly used in bathrooms to create an accessible clothing rack. Then you can add baskets on top for small items like socks, hats, etc. This clever idea by Reality Daydream even has baskets for clothes that are too small or too big, so you don’t have to ask them every time!

Head to this The Organised Housewife’s awesome blog post for more ideas.

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