About Us

Hello and welcome to Junico Kids!

No denying it: we love getting new things to wear, but that results in us still sending a ton of usable clothing to the landfills. This is even more true with babies and kids as they outgrow their clothes so fast! 

According to The World Counts, we need about 1.8 planet Earths to absorb our current waste… Whoa! That's close to two planet earths... (one of which we don't have)

The sad part is, we probably have enough garments to clothe us all hundreds of times over. And it breaks our hearts to see those perfectly wearable items go to waste before they’ve lived their full life.

Junico Kids was founded to provide parents with a sustainable option to buy kids clothes. We provide quality preloved items and a fun shopping experience because we want reusing to become the norm. We offer no-frills customer experience and a commitment to be thoughtful in the way we do business. To us, reducing our collective waste and helping families lead their sustainable lives are what matter most. 


We're up-to-date

We update our product range regularly to ensure that you will find new and pre-loved items on our site. We also add fun facts in Junico's notes to entertain you!

We value education

We create Did-Juni-Know cards to invite kids and families to reuse, take care and pass down their items to others when they can

We're inclusive

We sell clothing of all brands as long as they are in wearable condition


Informed by a research done by the Ivy League institution, Brown University, we at Junico Kids believe that habits in children, including responsibilities, are unlikely to vary after the age of nine. A child’s basic beliefs and attitudes about money are formed even earlier, by the age of seven, according to a report from the University of Cambridge.

By allowing your children to experience how to share preloved items with others from such a young age, and valuing it from financial and environmental perspectives, you are helping them to shape their future behaviour. More than just selling clothes, we want to help you make the learning process fun, interactive, and affordable for the entire family!

We hope you won't just buy from us—rather, please buy into the whole reuse movement

Because our choices today will define the kind of planet our children will inherit.