SwapUp FAQ


We accept clothing items (no shoes, please) up to size 12 that have no damage, no stain and no odour



We accept all brands except those from value chain stores—we have too many of those already, sorry! This includes:

  • Aldi (Baby Sleeptime, Crane, Lily & Dan, Hyggledee)
  • Best & Less (All4me, Amco, Baby Baby, Baby Berry, Breakers, Essentials, Tilt, Future You)
  • Big W (Big Softies, Catriona Rowntree, Dymples, Edited, Emerson, Peter Morissey, Kardashian Kids)
  • Kmart (Anko, H&T, Tiny Little Wonders, Kids & Co)


    In return of the clothes you send in, you will receive instant credit (following the table below) within 7 days of receipt to purchase clothes that actually fit your kids on our website. No more haggling or waiting months for your consignment payout!

    Selling price at Junico Kids  Your credit Description
    <$15 10% Value brands and most t-shirts and basic baby items. Unfortunately, they have very low resell value, so we recommend that you send in other brands for higher credit
    $15 - $30 30%
    Mid-range brands and most dresses/shirts/pants. Keep them coming!
    $31+ 50%
    Designer items and most winter coats. We'd love to see more of these!




    The payout is calculated from the selling price of that particular item on our website based on the brand, quality, type of clothing, seasonality, etc. For example, if your item is priced at $20 on our website, you will receive 30% of that amount ($6) as instant credit to shop

    Click on the popular brands below to see example pricing at Junico Kids

    Brand types Popular brands
    Value Bonds, Carter's, Cotton On Kids, H&M, Next, Pumpkin Patch, Sprout, Uniqlo, Zara 


    Items that are not accepted will be donated or recycled, depending on their condition. Please note that we do not offer return service for SwapUp



    SwapUp is currently only available to those living in Greater Sydney area (folks in other cities—we're working hard to expand this nationally as soon as we can!)

    We will send you a prepaid shipping label and you just need to drop-off your SwapUp bag at one of our drop-off locations


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    10-19 items
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    40+ items

    If you are sending us any bulky items, could you let us know what they are please?

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    Baby (0-2 years)
    Preschooler (3-6 years)
    Young kids (7-9 years)
    Kids (10-12 years)

    Anything else you'd like us to know?

    I have read the SwapUp FAQ page regarding accepted items and available drop-off locations. I understand that Junico Kids only accept items with no damage, no stain, and no odour. The items I am sending in does not include those purchased at Target, Kmart, Big W, Best & Less and Aldi.

    Thank you again for joining Junico Kids on a mission towards a circular and sustainable future!